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Who can play?

Club volleyball is an avenue for male and female players, age 10 (and even younger) to 18 to receive advanced training and competition on local, regional and national stages. Many volleyball clubs exist both locally and nationally, most composed of multiple teams.


Volleyball is the 3rd most popular sport for girls in high school with 404,000 girls on varsity level programs. The sport is also increasing for boys, with 42,000 boys playing at the varsity level in 22 states currently.


Club Volleyball costs will range, depending on program, travel, coaching staff and more. Costs typically include practice locations; number, type, and location of tournaments; volunteer or paid staff and overhead expenses. Club business type such as non-profit or not may also affect the fees, in addition to how much and how many staff receive compensation. Some clubs may include virtually all costs in their dues. Others have additional or separate costs such as uniform fees, travel or club wear fees. The club budget details should be available to you so you can see what your money is being spent on.

New friendships:

Bringing athletes together with similar goals from various schools makes friendships. The relationships that have been formed through practice and team play will be friendships that last a lifetime.

Tournament play:

JO (Junior Olympic/Club) tournaments are where the hard practice pays off and many favorable memories are made. Understand that practice and training is where you receive the most instruction and experience. Tournament play is only a supplement to participating in Club. Club tournaments are usually far more competitive and more physically demanding than high school matches.


College coaches regularly attend JO tournaments, since they have the opportunity to watch a number of players in one location. For that reason, the majority of colleges now recruit directly from club programs.


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