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International Exchange Program

Alliance Yosa provides a science-based approach to learning sport skills for participants of all ages, genders and background. But most importantly, Alliance YOSA offers a unique opportunity for American athletes to play and practice with international students from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Sweden, Denmark, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Portugal, France, Italy and Spain. This program is called Nets of Hope in which with open hearts brings together American families with coaches and athletes from Latin countries with the support of Partners of the Americas/ State Department.  Our multicultural approach also connects teaching styles from all over the world through the International Olympic Academy principles and values. Focused on modern concepts of neuroscience students learn how to be physically active for a lifetime while learning team sports such as volleyball, futsal, ultimate frisbee, and peteca. We believe that every person has a fundamental right to play and participate in educational, recreational and competitive sports.  Join us now and learn how play sports indoor and outdoor as well.

The purpose of this program is to assist The Alliance of the Americas-YOSA in its missions to provide quality of instruction for talented young people from across the Americas to participate in the Volleyball International Program (V. I. P.) during the spring, summer and/or fall. All members of our program must register and login at  and fill out the volunteer/waiver form of YOSA. 

As a host family, the volunteers agree to provide meals, a decent room and a family environment for the Alliance YOSA international athletes for a period that best fits the needs of the family.  The itinerary and schedule of activities of international students is set by YOSA and it is very flexible. For the most part, student-athletes will attend English classes, or go to high school in the mornings, or even practice in specific sites such as at the Northside Aztlan Center, or at the CSU  Recreational Center, or at the Summitview Church, or at the Blevins Middle School. All students have health insurance, speak English at the intermediate level and are very independent. On the Sundays or Saturdays that YOSA has no previously scheduled activities, the families can make arrangements to visit educational sites or to organize safe field trips with their hostess. Overall all international students are assigned to be members of the U18 boys and girls team of YOSA and as such the girls will have games every other Sunday at various cities in Colorado and the boys will have their tournaments on Saturdays.   

Your assistance and desire to host our student-athletes is greatly appreciated. Hosting or being hosted is a special privilege!  As members of Partners of the Americas, YOSA has developed several exchange programs that have been a success in Colorado, U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as in Brazil. 

The development of a long-term friendship is a true miracle! We are all brothers and sisters!

We hope that when you write your profile you understand that in life, first impressions are a result of an heart, open arms and hope homes!  Hosting embrace the art of openness, the courage to help others thus it is an act of love! Thanks for participating in our YOSA NETS OF HOPE, Summer Camps and in our International Sports Exchange program.   We need to host 8 people! Three girls and three boys and two adults will need your support. We will provide transportation to practices and games!