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2023- 2024 Developmental Program Registration

New Boy and Girls Volleyball Training

Welcome to the new Alliance YOSA for Northern Colorado

Alliance YOSA is passionate about teaching sports for all ages, genders, and skill levels. Join our certified and expert instructors today.

Alliance YOSA volleyball club is fun, educational and competitive. It is the ideal asset for athletes who aim to reach their fullest potential in volleyball as well as in life. The best athletes will always look for the best coaches from whom them can receive the quality instruction that will take them into a higher level of performance. This is only possible with humbleness, diversity and lots of practice!

Yosa Boys & Girls Volleyball Training

Dear Parents, Athletes and Friends,

We have a new volleyball training program for athletes who want to play volleyball systematically and with a life-long commitment. 

We will be training athletes with talent who also want to play club and in the future play volleyball in college.  Practices will require commitment, dedication and discipline.  I have coached several Olympic level, World Champions and All American players.  If you want to be successful you need to practice smart, play like a champion and be a great student of the game. 

Register for the 2022-23 Girls Club Team Tryouts

Our Purpose & Mission

​Focusing on athlete’s health and promoting injury prevention training strategies, the primary goal of Alliance YOSA is to provide high-quality teaching, training, and coaching to committed student-athletes in an educationally sound environment that ultimately will cooperate with the individual skills development of its participants.

I have coached more than 4 Gold medalists in the Olympics and more than 9 world champions volleyball players at the U18, U21 and senior level teams.  I have also trained and taught volleyball for all American and players who are actually thriving at DI, DII and professionally in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Japan, Switzerland and Sweden.  I have recently taken the Huskers Volleyball to their International Tour in Brazil and I am also consulting and teaching both at the Nebraska Coaching Certification as well as the Brazilian Coaching Education programs. 

Mission Statement

At Alliance YOSA Northern Colorado, we believe that athletes are developing people and their aspirations are unique.

More programs coming soon

Alliance YOSA Northern Colorado

The State of Colorado now has a volleyball training center for excellence that blends the volleyball expertise of Brazil, the international powerhouses, and the United States volleyball program.

Alliance YOSA Volleyball Club Director, Dr. Gylton Da Matta brings to the youth sports family and to the whole Northern Colorado area, a volleyball development program that represents the cutting-edge knowledge of expertise in volleyball. The Alliance YOSA also brings a wealth of knowledge through outstanding international coaches that proud themselves in teaching volleyball for the benefit of our youth in the United States.

Gylton Da Matta

Ph. D.

Why Alliance YOSA Northern Colorado? Dr. Gylton Da Matta Club Director

  • YOSA - Boys Volleyball  RMR Champions U18, 2022-23.
  • Best U16 Boys RMR Season 2022 - 2023.
  • Certified, world-class and expert coaches
  • Expertise development, injury prevention and individualized training; New Board of Directors; New Administration
  • Applied Sports Science in Volleyball - Advanced techniques
  • International exchange program with athletes and coaches from across the world
  • Proven results; no conflict of interest; Inclusive environment

Partners & Sponsors

Thank you to our amazing partners and sponsors.

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